Here in this post I will share some new features of Google that would be beneficial for your to add your business, company or shop details in Google. By using this feature people having start up companies, newly opened shop or private business can add it's basic details in Google to establish your kind of business and is absolutely free of service.

Google My Business is the new feature of Google to boost up your business by giving free listing in Google . You can use your Gmail account to signup. Everything is easy and simple out there, only you have to give details that you wanted to share with your customers. Below are the free services that Google offers for you.


Keep your info updated always : 

In a business keeping updated info is always helpful. Google My Business let you add new phone number, address or opening and closing hours. The Google listing include both in Google Search and Google Map.

Add Photos for Extra Boost Up 

In addition to free listing of basic info, you can even add pictures to give extra boost up. For example if you owned a fashion shop you could add many pictures as much as you want to get more attraction from customers . Remember the photographic influence is much better than crowned words.

Make a real relationship with customers.

Google My Business give you a platform to interact with your customers. You can create a conversation or get reviews from your customers and can reply them instantly. 

Add Route Map 


For new customers those who wish to reach you, can use this service which includes adding your location  in Google Map . When customers search for you / Company / Shop , they can easily get the location and rout map just by clicking on ‘ Directions’ .

Create your Free website


Using Google My Business you can create your website within minutes. This is also free and can edit using your mobiles, tablets or computer. Your website will be responsive so it's design will adjust automatically on all devices to give more customer satisfaction.The info you provided will be indexed in the website too, so you will have an updated website always.

Get Insights of your Business

You can find from where your customers are from? How they find you? How many contacted you? How many visited your page?How many tried to reach you? What you have to improve for a better services?How much influence your photos does in marketing? Such all kind data are available in Google My Business.


Note: After submission Google will confirm your details by sending a code via Post Office to your address. Enter the code sent to you to finish process.

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I hope this post is very useful to you. Please share it to reach your friends , relatives and those who planned since long time to create one free website or add shop, company or business in Google.

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